Know about depression that can occur in each group. There are 4 groups

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Know about depression that can occur in each group. There are 4 groups

depression in men

It is said that number of men suffering. From depression is less than that of women. Surprisingly, the suicide rate among men is higher. Which when males are already depress. The risk of heart disease is very high. Most often, drugs and alcohol are use to help solve the problem of depression. Some of them are looking forward to working hard. Although easily frustrated, easily angry, but never discouraged. or despair at all It is difficult for doctors to diagnose this disease. Even though it is known that patients often refuse treatment. Report from ufabet

depression that occurs in women

From the findings, it was found that depression is twice as common in women as in men. Which is believed to be caused by changes in hormonal levels such as menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum or menopausal conditions. In addition, in their lives they will also have to take on many responsibilities both inside and outside the home. cause stress In the treatment, I can only give encouragement and understand the patient as much as possible.

Depression occurring in children

It’s not just adults who are at risk for depression. But in children, there is also a chance of developing this disease. Symptoms that can be observed in young children include not going to school, pretending to sick, being attached to their parents, or being worried that their parents will die. As for older children, they tend to be quiet. Refuses to speak up, often has problems at school, views the world in a pessimistic way

Diagnosing depression in children is also difficult. Because children’s emotions are constantly changing, parents who are close to them must be the one to notice whether or not the child’s behavior changes. If there are changes that occur and are in accordance with the symptoms. You should travel to see a pediatrician for consultation and refer the child for consideration of treatment.

Depression occurring in the elderly

And entering the menopausal age often causes abnormal mood swings. which most people understand that it is normal for people of this age But in reality, it’s not all bad. Because most patients show many physical symptoms. The drugs used can have side effects that can cause symptoms as well. If referred for diagnosis and treatment It will certainly make the lives of patients of this age happy.