Recommend 7 ways to prevent cancer You can start with yourself

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Recommend 7 ways to prevent cancer You can start with yourself. along with cancer screening every year.

Which is the disease with the highest death rate in Thailand. The cause of most cancers It comes from inappropriate lifestyle behaviors. To reduce the risk of cancer. Things that should avoide are report from ทางเข้า ufabet

1) Avoid smoking  Stop drinking liquor and alcoholic beverages 

because it causes lung cancer, liver cancer, and oral cancer.

2) Avoid spicy food Fermented foods 

Risk of stomach cancer

3) Avoid foods such as smoked meats, grilled, grilled, and fried until charred. 

This means eating grilled food frequently or eating it regularly continuously. May be at risk of developing liver cancer.

4) Avoid food that contains saltpeter (nitrate) or preservatives 

such as processed meats such as sausage, bacon, ham, Chinese sausage, fermented pork, etc. If you buy substandard products or eat regularly. It may cause negative health effects or increase the risk of cancer in organs such as the stomach and intestines.

5) Avoid undercooked food. Raw especially freshwater fish because they may contaminated with flukes or toxins from unclean water sources. Puts you at risk of liver cancer. Bile duct cancer

6) Avoid exposure to pollution, dust, smoke, toxins, chemicals such as areas where there is burning from engine exhaust pipes, cigarette smoke, burning garbage, burning grass. Burn fuel used in factories Including times when there is a high amount of PM 2.5 dust in the air, if it is necessary to be in such areas, you should protect yourself by wearing a mask to protect against dust and smoke.

7) Avoid unprotected exposure to sunlight or direct sunlight for too long due to extreme heat and UV rays. That are harmful to cells can cause skin cancer Should prevente by avoiding exposure to the sun during too long a period of strong sunlight. or apply sunscreen Wear appropriate clothing and sun protection.

That people can monitor themselves initially.

With an annual health check And people aged 35 years and over or who are at risk should go for cancer screening, including:

1) Breast cancer It is recommended that women screene by feeling their breasts themselves regularly. and mammograms (mammogram)

2) Lung cancer Recommended for people over 55 years of age who have smoked approximately 1 pack of cigarettes per day for approximately 30 years and stopped smoking within 15 years. Screened by Low-dose radiation lung computed tomography

3) Colon cancer Recommended for general people aged 45-50 years, screened by colonoscopy. or blood tests to screen for cancer, etc.

4) Prostate cancer Recommended for men aged 45 years and over, screened by blood test. View prostate cancer levels (PSA)

5) Liver cancer Screening in people with hepatitis or people who are carriers of the hepatitis B virus should be screened by ultrasound of the upper abdomen. and liver cancer test (AFP)

6) Oral cancer You should check your teeth and oral health at least once a year to take care of your gums, teeth, and oral abnormalities. or observe the lesion yourself, etc.