Benefits of cantaloupe

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Cantaloupe is rich in many different nutrients that are good for health. Consuming the right amount of cantaloupe may therefore benefit the body in many ways. For example:

eye health

Cantaloupe is a fruit rich in  beta-carotene . antioxidant A type that is responsible for protecting various cells in the body from being attacked by free radicals. And is also a precursor that the body can convert into vitamin A. Which is good for eye health as well UFABET

In addition, cantaloupe also contains two other antioxidants, lutein  and zeaxanthin. Which are commonly found in yellow and colored fruits and vegetables. Red. These substances are substances that are good for eye health. and may contribute to slowing down the severity of degenerative retinal disease

skin care

The benefits of cantaloupe in this area are the result of two nutrients: vitamin A and vitamin C.  Vitamin A helps protect the skin from being damaged by sunlight. 

Vitamin C contributes to the production of collagen in the body. It may also help protect the skin from being attacked by UV rays.

Suitable for those who control their weight.

Cantaloupe is a low-calorie fruit. It is also rich in dietary fiber  or fiber that helps the body feel full longer. This will help control the body’s appetite to decrease. In addition, dietary fiber also increases the amount of stool. Stimulate the excretory system of the body. and may also prevent constipation