Arteta isn’t impressed with ‘Son’ missing the chance to stop the boat.

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta insists he is not impressed by the moment Tottenham Hotspur captain Son Heung-min missed a golden opportunity to stop rivals Manchester City from competing for the championship. Ready to point out that he can only complain about his own team’s performance.

In the middle of last week, the “Cannon” wanted the “Golden Spurs” to collect at least a draw. But in the end, their North London rivals lost at home 2-0, sending the “Sailboats” 2 points ahead

of the leader. Tottenham had a chance to equalize late in the game, but Son slipped in and shot to save Stefan Ortega while the home fans. Many are celebrating because their own team lost. Plus there was news that some of the staff looked at the defeat as a joke.

“If I had to pick one player from the Premier League for that kind of moment, I would probably choose Son Heung-min,” Arteta said in an interview before the final game. Asked about Tottenham’s efforts

, “You can’t complain about the opposition. I will never do that. I can complain about why we didn’t get 90-91 points.

Michael Jordan explained it many times. He must be the one to make the game-deciding shot. And sometimes it’s not successful. which you can’t do anything about It’s what happens and that’s the beauty of sports. “

My children ran around the table holding their heads. You can probably imagine. But being involved in a situation like this with your family And the colleagues are special as well. “

We have hope in that game. And it didn’t happen. Now we have to do our part, which will be difficult because Everton are having a great time.

It’s definitely the biggest week for many fans. And I can’t wait to be with them. We have to prove ourselves again with a win and hope West Ham have a very good day. To help make our dreams come true,

we have to be very optimistic. Emirates Stadium was built almost 20 years ago and has never had a Premier League trophy on the field before. That’s the time. long And tomorrow it will be here