Former Tottenham Hotspur believes England’s 2026 World Cup will be terrifying

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Former Tottenham Hotspur believes England’s 2026 World Cup will be terrifying.

German legend Jurgen Klinsmann believes. That England will be stronger at the 2026 World Cup. There are only positive things for them Tottenham Hotspur.

England has a broken dream. After being knocked out by the French national team in the last 8 teams of the 2022 World Cup on Saturday night, December 10, the past.

“Overall it’s very positive for England,” Klinsmann

”Really, the match between France and England should meet in the semi-finals or the final. Unfortunately, one team had to pack their bags and go home.”

”Personally, I think (England) is still a growing team. This is a team that can get even better in the next few years.”

”They have a lot of talented players. they will be better and have more experience After three tournaments which are all positive.”

Over the next four years, top performers Jude Bellingham will be 23, Bukayo Saka will be 25 and Phil Foden will be 26.

When asked what chance Germany had of becoming champions, Klinsmann replied: “It’s difficult. I hope they can reach the semi-finals. If so, that would be a huge achievement. But I think the championship is too far away.

“The situation in Germany is quite worrisome. This group of players is getting older. We haven’t found the best back four either. The full-back position is still not perfect. When they won the title in Brazil in 2014, they had a plan with four centre-backs and in this competition we might end up with four centre-backs as well.