Liverpool heartbroken Musiala hope extend long-term

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Liverpool heartbroken Musiala hopes to extend long-term contract with Bayern.

Liverpool have been devastated by German reports suggesting. Bayern Munich midfielder Jamal Musiala wants to commit his future to Bayern Munich. According to reports from the UFABET.

The Reds are among several clubs reportedly interest in the 19-year-old teenager from Southern Tiger after he became a key force in the Bundesliga campaign and exploded in form. With 14 appearances, 9 goals and 6 assists this season.

In addition, Musiala also shines in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Although the German national team Will knock out of the first round for the second time in a row. But this youngster is still linked with many big clubs. Including Liverpool, who are looking for a new midfielder to strengthen their next army.

However, recent reports from beer city media indicate. That The former Chelsea youngster wishes to continue his career at the Allianz Arena and is set to open talks over a contract extension soon. It is believe. That both parties will able to come to an agreement without any problems.

To be a real player of the club. “South Tiger” Bayern Munich is not easy. Especially if it’s a player who’s not even 20 years old, it’s very difficult. Still, it’s not that no one can do that. Currently, there is Jamal Musiala, who has now become the main player of the agency at the age of only 19.