Manchester United, Chelsea urged to move Atletico Madrid star in January

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Manchester United, Chelsea urged to move Atletico Madrid star in January.

Among the interest of Manchester United and Chelsea, two famous teams in the Premier League.

The Portuguese striker has not been able to secure a place in Diego Simeone’s starting line-up this season. There has been a steady stream of news that he may be looking to move on for a chance at playing time, while the Red Devils are looking for an attacking midfielder to replace Cristiano Ronaldo. doe as well

Recently, Romano has confirmed that Felix is ​​ready to look for a transfer opportunity. In which he informed the club and asked the agent to proceed in finding a new team

“We can confirm that Joao Felix was open to leaving Atletico Madrid in January. He prepares to move He wants to look different and the player wants to look for a way out of Atletico and try to look for new experiences as soon as possible.

“Right now, his agent, Jorge Mendes, is looking at the possibility of a move to the club. Currently in talks with Atletico, the agent is trying to find a solution with PSG and the relationship with Chelsea and Manchester United is excellent. He always had a conversation. Therefore, he was allowed to conduct a survey of the football market. But there is no progress and this is the progress. That has made before the end of the World Cup.”