Morocco vs France: Live Links for World Cup 2022 Quarter Finals

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Morocco vs France: Live Links for World Cup 2022 Quarter Finals.

France made it through the last eight with a 2-1 win. over England in 90 minutes the kind. That Harry Kane missed a penalty or would have gone on to the duel for 120 minutes or so. May have to go to a penalty shoot-ou.t In which the performance in the aforementioned game must be said that the Rooster Team played a fairly low standard. But still survived from the sharpness of finishing the score.

Morocco has made many new records by successfully reaching the quarter-finals. Beating Spain in the last 16 and Portugal in the last round. Prove how great they are. Which has to see if meeting with the former champion France, the only representative from Africa, will be able to cope with the heat of President Mbappe, can we find out on Wednesday?

readiness before the game morocco national team

Walid Rekagu led Morocco to make history in the quarterfinals. However, in this game they will lose the right to use Walid Sheddira, a striker who is banned, received a red card in the previous match. Including still having to hope for the fitness of both Yayev Agerd Nousser Mazrau, including Hakim Ziyech, whether they will be fit and ready to return to the field in this match or not

Predict 11 lineups. morocco national team

Goalkeepers: Bono
Defenders: Hakimi, Al Yamiq, Saiss, Allah Midfielders: Unahi
Amrabat, Amallah
Strikers: Ziyech, N Nesyri, Boufal

readiness before the game France national team

Didier Deschamps’ side will definitely not able to use Luca Hernandez in this game. Because of a serious knee injury from the first game of the group stage until he had to rest. long Other main personalities, including Olivier Giroud, Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe, are all fit and ready to enter the field in this game.

Predict 11 lineups. France national team

Goalkeeper: Lloris Defender
: Kounde, Varane, Upamecano, Theo 
Midfielders: Jouameni, Griezmann, Rabiot
Strikers: Dembele, Giroud , Mbappe

Predict the possibility and outcome of the competition.

France, although their performance against England was below par. But they still managed to survive with a sharp finish. own goal from the group stage In addition the performance in the game. That defeated Portugal was highly praised. In the game in this match, of course, the Rooster Team will be the party to dominate the ball. Attacking according to the form. While the only representative from Africa will defend as low as in the game against Spain in the last 16, calmly closing the space and looking for opportunities to counter-attack. Morocco’s strong home. While Morocco will definitely not rush the game if they are not behind and are willing to take a penalty shootout, and then France’s advantage will disappear immediately, but I believe that Didi Yere Deschamps will definitely not pull the game until then and will try to finish the game in 90 minutes.