Ronaldo open up for the first time after being eliminated from the 2022 World Cup.

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Ronaldo open up for the first time. After being eliminated from the 2022 World Cup.

Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo has yet to confirm whether he will announce his retirement from international football. After the disappointment.

Being eliminate from the last 8 teams of the World Cup

The 37-year-old star has played in the World Cup since 2006. But in this World Cup He was in a difficult situation. From problems with Manchester United until. The contract was terminated. Until coming off as a substitute for the team in the tournament. Where they end the route only in the last 8 teams. Where he even shed tears of disappointment after the game In the midst of the news. That there is dissatisfaction with him. After being drop as a substitute

“To win the World Cup with Portugal is a great goal and a dream of mine throughout my career. I have won many titles with the national team. But being in the national team and being successful at the highest level is the biggest goal.

“I discovered that dream. I lived with it playing in five World Cup finals over the course of 16 years, alongside some of the best players. and millions of football fans who support us I devote all Fight hard to not give up on your dreams. Unfortunately, yesterday that dream was over. It ended with nothing to frustrate.”

“I want everyone to know in person. After much talk write to many But my goal of playing with the Portugal national team is not going to change all of a sudden. I am the one who will fight for the goal for everyone. And I never turned my back on my teammates. and my country But right now, there isn’t much to say. Thank you Portugal. Thank you Qatar. Beautiful dreams. We will now leave time to do his duty as a good advisor. And give everyone the opportunity to come to their own conclusions.”

Ronaldo made his senior debut for Portugal in 2003 and has currently made 196 appearances, scoring 118 goals.